Host your Own Domain through Web Hosting Companies

host own domain name with GoDaddySafely Host your Own Domain through Web Hosting Companies

After you have purchased your own domain name, you will have to host your own domain onto a web hosting server for you to be able to use it to set up your own business. You can do this by either hosting it on your own computer or through a web hosting server from web server providers all over the Internet.

Host Own Domain on Your Computer

You might be tempted to host your own domain on your own computer because you might think that it is safer that way. But, that is not really the case. Hosting your own domain on your own computer is quite risky. Because of all the third party interruptions nowadays, your website is quite vulnerable to hacking, viruses and malware. You cannot really protect your own web hosting server from these attacks immediately because you will need a lot of technical stuff to do that.

So you might ask, “How do I host my own domain?” Well, you can do that with the help of web hosting servers that you can find online. There are a lot of them and you can choose the best web hosting according to your needs, preference and budget.

Hosting Your Own Domain on Web Hosting Providers

By hosting your own domain on a web hosting provider, you are saving yourself from hassles and bigger expenses on your web server. Because web hosting services are inexpensive nowadays, you can save a lot of money if you decide to host your domain on a web server online instead of hosting your own domain on your computer.

Safer Web Hosting

Because web hosting providers invested to have all the tools that they need to efficiently and securely run a web hosting business, you can be sure that hosting your domain in a web hosting server is the most efficient and inexpensive way to host own domain.

Your domain and all of your data will be much safer if you host your domain in a web server from a hosting provider instead of your own computer.

Domain Name System or DNS Registration

But before you can do that, you need a DNS registration so that you can use your nameserver on your own domain instead of the server that your new domain is using, which is your domain name provider’s web server.

A DNS is a system that will convert or translate your host name from your domain server to an IP address so that your website data can be retrieved from a special database. This allows you to use your domain and host it on a web hosting provider of your choice.

Though this may sound complicated and confusing, this is not really that hard to do. With the help of a little research and your selected web hosting provider’s assistance, you can easily set up your DNS entry to your web hosting.

Propagating registration, though, may take some time so be sure that the nameservers of your newly purchased domain are running before doing the switch.

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